ComputerPlano Services

ComputerPlano approaches computing as a
complete life cycle; one that is an integrated,
continuous, dynamic, and complex system.

We offer six services that focus on desktop,
server, and network support for our clients.  Each
service consists of multiple functions which
interact as integrated processes within and across
the services.  The life cycle provides you with the
infrastructure and support required to help your
company meet its business goals.

  • Consulting and Design: IT Planning, Technology
    Assessment, LAN/WAN Design
  • Procurement: Vendor Management, Pricing,
  • Deployment: Receiving/Asset Tagging,
    Installation, Disposal/Recycling
  • Technical Support: Regular Maintenance,
    Troubleshooting, Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Project Management: Resource Planning, Scope
    Management, Progress Management
  • Training: Users, Technical Staff, Executives
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Call Us Now at
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